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The Automotive Social Network?


I have discussed the potential for cars themselves having a twitter or their own social network, but I recently discovered a very similar type of website that already exists. Many automotive vendors and experts are turning to blogs and social networks to discuss their trade and collaborate their opinions and send them to the manufacturer. […]

Follow my car on twitter


Despite my rant on how things like facebook do not belong in cars simply from a sheer safety standpoint, I had never thought of the inverse of this idea and its huge potential. The idea is simple; put your car’s computer onto the internet via facebook or twitter and let it communicate with you and […]

Turning the wheels of change


One of the major topics our class has discussed is the trend of participatory culture, simple put; media where the producer and the consumer are in much higher levels of interaction. As I discussed in my latest post, the automotive  industry has been one of the slowest groups to change into this new age of […]

Driving into a new age of social networking


The Superbowl. The clash between two football greats which promises to fascinate and glue every American to the television screen for two hours on a given Sunday in early February. This year, Superbowl XVL did not feature any teams I have an emotional tie to, so one of the biggest draws for me was the […]