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Internet Censorship


In class we have been discussing a set of essays we recently wrote about the impact new media is having on various parts of the world. One topic which sparked my interest was the “Great Firewall” in China. Basically the Chinese government has been filtering the internet that is delivered to its inhabitants and even […]

Pirating Continued


A few weeks ago my post about Pirating and Internet “Crimes” received a comment I feel is worth looking at in more depth. Slawrenceumd, a fellow blogger in the class comments: [piracy is] not stealing something physical- but you are taking someone’s idea without their permission. idk, but it seems dishonest to me. What do […]

Is the Internet Rewiring our Brains, to be Stupid?


Over the past few hundred years the human brain has been conditioned to focus. In the early days of human development seeing new things and being distracted by them was a survival instinct essential to finding new things and discovering important new ways to survive. Then, with the advancement in technology and survival technology, the […]

Your Avatar is Under Arrest


In class we have been recently discussion Online Reality Simulator “games” such as Second Life and the potential for “crime” in these programs. There has been a variety of problems within the programs which some people believe should be considered crimes. Firstly, there has been multiple accounts of “sexual assault” within the game. Basically where […]

Lonely World of Warcraft


In class we have recently been discussing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how they pertain to a digital lifestyle. During our discussion I posed an interesting concept to the class and I feel it’s worth discussing on here. The question was this: Can a person satisfy their need for belonging and love by using only […]

The Automotive Social Network?


I have discussed the potential for cars themselves having a twitter or their own social network, but I recently discovered a very similar type of website that already exists. Many automotive vendors and experts are turning to blogs and social networks to discuss their trade and collaborate their opinions and send them to the manufacturer. […]

New-School Sports Journalism, raise your game.


I recently attended a discussion at Knight Hall of the University of Maryland containing a panel of various journalists and bloggers from the D.C. area. Sports journalism was the subject, more specifically the impact new media is creating on sports reporting and where the general direction of the media is headed, along with some worries […]

Come on in… nobody’s home


During the past few days of class we have been discussing various forms of social networking websites. My group was assigned the “mobile” category and was tasked with looking over several websites that had to do with on the go social networking. These sites, which included foursquare, gowalla, whrrl and brightkite, link your internet social […]

Follow my car on twitter


Despite my rant on how things like facebook do not belong in cars simply from a sheer safety standpoint, I had never thought of the inverse of this idea and its huge potential. The idea is simple; put your car’s computer onto the internet via facebook or twitter and let it communicate with you and […]

Our Father, who art in our Iphones…


There are just some places where technology and new media do NOT belong. I understand the desire to be on the cutting edge and for the most part I consider myself a techie and condone most technological developments. That being said, there is a line and I believe this app for the Iphone has crossed […]