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Internet Censorship

In class we have been discussing a set of essays we recently wrote about the impact new media is having on various parts of the world. One topic which sparked my interest was the “Great Firewall” in China. Basically the Chinese government has been filtering the internet that is delivered to its inhabitants and even blocking keywords like “freedom.” Personally I think this is a rediculous practice and I think it will eventually backfire in their government’s face.

The beauty of the internet is that is basically a free zone. Anyone can put anything (do a degree of course) onto the internet and this is what makes it so special. It is basically a living creature because it is ever changing and continually growing and evolving. By limiting the internet you are taking away the entire backbone which makes it work. The draw of the internet for many is the fact that you are allowed to participate and anyone can do so. When you block keywords and major websites that contain these keywords you take away what makes the internet so useful and so powerful.

That being said the internet is changing rapidly and a single hacker can make powerful strides against a government. The Chinese are blocking their people from viewing the internet and there is nothing a hacker hates more then being locked out of something. This is going to cause not only massive unrest and anger, but going to spark digital protest from these hackers. With so many people in China, there are bound to be some people with some quite impressive hacking know-how. It is only a matter of time before this “Great Firewall” is torn down, whether the Chinese government likes it or not. Hackers want the internet kept free and if someone stands in their way some powerful keyboard warriors will be knocking on the “Great Firewall’s” door.


One Response to “Internet Censorship”

  1. The very thing that makes the internet free also makes it a great threat to that government. All this time they have been telling their people certain things- what they want them to know and believe- and restricted those people from coming together and finding out the truth.
    If the government looses this ability to manipulate their people (by allowing the internet to be free)- the ruling elites will loose everything. You can bet your dollar that they will do everything possible to prevent this!

    Sometimes I forget just how free we are in this country (and how lucky I am to live here).

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