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Pirating Continued

A few weeks ago my post about Pirating and Internet “Crimes” received a comment I feel is worth looking at in more depth. Slawrenceumd, a fellow blogger in the class comments: [piracy is] not stealing something physical- but you are taking someone’s idea without their permission. idk, but it seems dishonest to me. What do you think?”

This did get me thinking about what happens when I download a song off the internet and who is hurt by it. I understand that yes, someone works very hard to write these songs and they should be paid fairly for it, but the thought of giving Steve Jobs any more money for someone else’s work just disgusts me. The royalties paid by Itunes are meager at best and it would be the primary legal way for myself to download songs. Looking at my 3000 song library I realized If I had purchased those songs I would now be in quite a bit of debt. I feel that with the age of the internet, file sharing is just going to happen. Do I care if modern artists make 9.5 million instead of 11 million a song? NO!

For the quality of the product most modern music is putting out there, I have no desire to purchase it. Most of the new songs are more computer than person, so I feel it is my right to make a digital copy of a song sung by a computer. There is an etiquette to it though, I will admit that if I particularly enjoy a band or a movie I WILL go purchase the real deal, but most of the stuff out there is crap. I will never pay for a song written by Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber. If my songstealing takes away from the millions that are already being thrown at them, I just consider it my personal protest. If they were to come out with a song that was real music; like sung without a computer and played on instruments by actual people I would likely buy it. Problem is that just does not happen anymore so I will consider hurting these starving artists.

Another argument is that online file sharing is crippling new emerging artists because nobody buys their music. The thing is, have you ever tried to find a local artist on one of these illegal downloading websites? The only songs these garage bands have online are those that they put there. Songs will rarely be online unless there is nationwide interest in them and even then most budding bands’ songs are rarely online.

So pirating? Well it is an emerging issue which I have mixed views about. I definitely have a etiquette about actually buying some stuff that means something to me, but most of the garbage I download is listened to once or twice. Check my CD collection, all my favorite bands are there.

What do you all think?


One Response to “Pirating Continued”

  1. Nice topic lol.

    I can see the side you are coming from, but I don’t know if I am sold. Seems to create a slippery slope – who can decide what anyone should make before piracy is justified? Is 2 million enough? 3? Seems to be kind of a dangerous game to play. It’s like someone starting a business and making money- then all of a sudden someone comes into the shop, steals the product, and say that they are justified b/c the shop owner has already made enough money.

    I do whole heartedly agree with your hatred of Justien Bieber though!

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