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Our Father, who art in our Iphones…

There are just some places where technology and new media do NOT belong. I understand the desire to be on the cutting edge and for the most part I consider myself a techie and condone most technological developments. That being said, there is a line and I believe this app for the Iphone has crossed it… big time. The “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” allows the user to go to confession on their apple device. Although it does not claim to be an actual substitute for going to confession, instead it is more of an organizational tool for going to the real things, I still think it does not belong anywhere near a church.

Culture, media and technology are all converging at quite an amazing rate. Every day the technogods are busy churning out new ways to put battery-powered devices into our hands, but that does not mean that every thing in this world can be improved with new technology. Case in point: Religion. I am not a religious person, but I do respect the idea of religion and understand that it is a very old institution deeply routed in tradition. These traditions should not be changed because they are what truly make up a religion and are what keep it so special and spiritual. Technology just does not have a place in such old and sacred establishment.

Confession is a time where you can express things you regret having done and receive forgiveness from god. It allows you to express things you would have kept to yourself and truly feel like a better person. It should not be taken casually and I feel an Iphone application really takes away at the spiritual nature of the process. I mean church is a place where it is supposed to be between a person and god, not a person everyone who texts them, everyone on facebook and then god. An Iphone is just a distraction and takes away from the real purpose of confession; getting closer to god. Personally I do not believe in a specific god, but for those who do I feel very against bringing such a distraction into such a sacred place.

The Vatican has since banned the application, saying a computer can not replace the sanctity of the act of contrition. The church just is not ready for these new media convergences.


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