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Follow my car on twitter

Despite my rant on how things like facebook do not belong in cars simply from a sheer safety standpoint, I had never thought of the inverse of this idea and its huge potential. The idea is simple; put your car’s computer onto the internet via facebook or twitter and let it communicate with you and other cars on the road. I recently read an article detailing Ford’s AJ, a media campain where Ford took a 2011 Fiesta and equipped with a twitter account that would send out messages as it was driven. Although the messages it sent out were quite basic, mostly trivial things like turn on your headlights or we are low on gas, the potential putting such a powerful media tool such as twitter into a car is astounding.

Imagine this: you are driving along the road and through the sync feature you are read Ford’s twitter page. A tweet pops up and is read by your car; Twitter reports heavy traffic on I-495 North between X and Y. The computer in the car could use GPS software to calculate the speed limit vs the actual speed of the car and determine if traffic or an accident is slowing down travel. If all of Ford’s cars were equipped with this feature it could put an end to the massive traffic jams by letting drivers know when to reroute their intended path.

A cars twitter page could also send reminders that could save lives. How many people immediately pull over when the check engine light turns on and diagnose the problem? I know I say a few choice words and just keep on driving hoping it will eventually go off. In the future your cars computer would send a detailed error report to its twitter page that lets you instantly know if its just a loose plug or if your engine is about to pop out of the hood. Combine that with reminders of schedule maintenance like changing brake pads, checking fluid levels, rotating tires or changing the oil and a twitter account could actually save lives. The fact that we actually pay attention to things like twitter and facebook over our car’s engine light is a problem in itself, but if it takes a twitter page for the average American to pay attention to what your car is telling you, I can’t argue that it is a bad idea.


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