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Driving into a new age of social networking

The Superbowl. The clash between two football greats which promises to fascinate and glue every American to the television screen for two hours on a given Sunday in early February. This year, Superbowl XVL did not feature any teams I have an emotional tie to, so one of the biggest draws for me was the commercials. It’s sad, I know, but for many American’s the commercials were a large draw to watch the big game. After the game, there was one commercial which was generally forgotten about due to its lack of humor  but showed a new milestone in the modern automobile age.


This commercial which debuted new additions to the Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan also showed a major step forward for automotive companies and their venture into new medias. The commercial showed a nervous man driving home after a date. He presses the Onstar button in his car and asks for his facebook status updates. The voice from the car reads: “Best first date. Ever.” He instantly smiles as commercial breaks into the Chevrolet spokesman giving details about the car.

This commercial represents the shift modern car companies have been undergoing in the past few years. When the rise of computers and new forms of social media first started popping up, many sectors of industry immediately embraced them and adapted to them, but the automotive industry has been quite slow compared to other industries. After several years of more or less ignoring these new technologies there has been a recent boom in the use of new technologies in order to sell, improve and adapt cars. The addition of Facebook to cars is a very new and interesting concept. It was an obvious next step, but many companies have been weary about combining social networking with a moving vehicle.

Personally I think there is far too much information on Facebook to simplify it sufficiently to have it safe to operate while driving. I mean, it is on our laptops, our Ipods, our phones, our xboxes, and pretty much anything with an internet connection already, do we need to have it in our cars? Distracted drivers are already becoming one of, if not the biggest, dangers on the road. There are  laws against text messaging and driving nationwide and personally I think car companies should really look at what they are doing. Facebook is addicting, there is no denying that. Do I want to drive on a road where 16 year old Susie is wondering what Bobby is doing this weekend while she drifts into my lane? No! I understand that the companies are trying to adapt to the time but maybe there is a reason why some technologies are kept off the cars and more importantly off the roads. It’s hard enough not to be distracted by Facebook in class or at work, lets not add while driving to that list.


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